Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday Efforts for Rehab and Eating

Yesterday (Thursday) Dad did some more sleeping, a lot of it. The staff felt he was stressed or exhausted from the change in environment. During meals he continued to push the food back and say, "You eat it!"  I jokingly told him it was against the law for me to eat it and a waste of money if he did not eat it. Interestingly he did eat most of his breakfast and lunch went OK, but he did leave some of it. My brother and his wife came out around 4-5pm which provided him a new team of 'encouragement' to work through dinner. They were successful in getting him to eat the dinner and he nodded off (took a nap), but woke up shortly afterwards. For now he has a catheter but Rehab efforts were scheduled to start later today (Friday), maybe a couple short sessions of moving into a wheelchair and a chance to get him on his feet (we hope).  I will have more on the rehab efforts later today, or tonight.

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