Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rehab Site Update

The rehab site was really nice, sort of like an elders’ spa without the golf and tennis connections. There is a nice cafeteria for people to eat in (there are some people living there permanently, they must have nice retirement plans, or some type of government support). The place is superbly clean, the nurses and other caregivers treat resident patients with care and understanding, and even the support staff of housekeeping and electricians seem to work with no complaints, at least in front of me and my mother.

Dad will be transported by some form of ambulance in the morning, and taken to his room once he gets there. We were told his roommate is a man who has lived there for 8 years, 2 years of that time his wife was his roommate. She passed away 6 years ago and he has remained. All we are required to provide is 3 sets of clothes, including one pair of shoes or socks with the grippe contacts on the bottom. While being admitted my mother was told she could wash his clothes or the site would, no charge. Mother said she would take care of it but I stopped that, she’s done that on other hospital type visits and forgotten something only to find that she has to return home and get it right-away.

Breakfast in his room is at 9am, lunch around noon-1pm, and dinner at 5pm… The girl mentioned that if he is able to make it to the cafeteria the food service starts the hour prior. So, Dad will be picked-up in the morning at the house, we’ll all go out there, and see how it goes.

So, for now that’s all I know. More to learn tomorrow.


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