Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Small Steps

Today started off like all the others, with breakfast going well. Dad had a biscuit and some gravy, yogurt, a waffle, milk and juice. Then the 'clinicals' did their morning visits; checking vitals, mental responses, rearranging bedding, and helping him put on his clothes for rehab exercises. This clothing consist of a form of pajamas (house pants), socks with a non-skid bottom and a t-shirt; easy and comfortable. Around 10am he was wheeled away for the first session and 30-minutes later he returned. I rolled him down to the community room and he watched some TV while I enjoyed the break.

But he did not allow this intermission to last long; the next thing I knew he was trying his 'slide-down' tactic. I mentioned that it was not what the 'clinicals' wanted but he continued. They came in once and straightened him up, the second time he was moved out into the hallway, again. We were advised to let him sit there alone, so I did not stay with him and mother sat in the room. In awhile they brought him back in for lunch and then took him away again for more exercise.

I've been thinking about some comments I received since yesterday's post and how people were happy for my dad to be testing the limits of his abilities. I had viewed his behavior as being testy - when he returned from exercising we were told 'he is doing good'. So both mom and I complimented him on his effort and progress. He smiled....and then said he'd like to lay down. :-)

He napped for about half and hour and then sat up the rest of this afternoon/evening. The evening ended like the others, with my brother and family coming out and taking care of the later portion of the day.

It was a good day!


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