Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It was another good day in regard to accomplishments. Dad ate a good breakfast and lunch went OK too.  Mother and I got out there around 9am and just beat his breakfast tray arriving to his room.  He insisted on trying to eat the food alone; this went OK but we still helped in the hard-and-eye coordination category. But rehab picked him up and away he went, 30-minutes later he returned with another good report. He is trying and stood on his own and took a couple steps, but after returning he fell asleep and the person who brought him back mentioned that he may sleep several hours due to the exhaustion of his movement. He did sleep and we woke him up when lunch arrived. Afterwards he was taken away for another 30-minutes exercise excursion. 

When he returned a doctor came by to test his strength and it was mentioned that he should not be allowed to stand while alone, and advised that his bed should be lowered to the floor, so that if/when Dad is motivated to move off the bed he will not take part in a fall due ot his accomplishments. It made sense to us and we both nodded.  

Later in the evening the rehab site had an ice cream outing for residents out on the patio. Dad didn't got outside for this, but he enjoyed the ice cream. A consolation from this, he say up for 30-minutes in the wheelchair. Nice!!!  

Mother and I went home for dinner; she went to bed early, I'm still up.

Tomorrow will be another day of accomplishments.  


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