Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Day in Rehab

Well…an ambulance picked Dad up around 8.30am yesterday and transported him to the rehab site. We’re told he slept a good bit of the way, that people his age and with his medical condition often sleep on the drive out. In fact he was asleep when they took in him into the room and he slept most of the afternoon, about 4 hours. Of course Mother was concerned but one nurse said that the drive out usually exhaust patients and that he would probably sleep the rest of the day.

But around 5pm he woke-up and was quite groggy. He did not remember me, for whatever the reason and was a little short-tempered with everyone, except the ‘official’ nurses. Like I always thought elderly people respect doctors and nurses (for the most part) and do what they say, while ignoring family that loves them, it’s a weird thing to consider but that’s people.    My brother and his wife came out and after some time me and mother left (around 9pm), looking for some food. After a salad and some talking, mostly about Dad, I convinced her to go sleep.

After watching him for 2 days it is obvious that what was told me on the phone is true. He has lost coordination in his legs and hands, but they say the last test showed no stroke has taken place (that was a couple weeks ago). Someone has to feed him and he doesn't want it. Maybe he is not eating even when Mother, my brother or sister-in-law tries because it's hard for him to eat and he cannot do it himself. Hopefully this is something he will re-learn soon.

6/16 (early morning) I forgot to post this last night. 

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