Saturday, July 2, 2011

Could Tell A Difference

It's been a couple days since I got home and settled back into the daily routine. I checked in with work Wednesday and things seemed to be ok, I caught some snoozing minutes, washed clothes and made it into work the next morning. I had to take it nice-and-easy while reviewing what seemed to be hundreds of emails and responding to them all. While at work Thursday I called the rehab and checked on Mother and Dad, he was still working through the regular routine, a couple rehab sessions during the day and squirming in the evening and night.

A nurse friend, who is reading my posts wrote me Thursday to tell me that Dad's uncooperative behavior in the evenings sounds like, 'sun-downing' which she said is marked by a change in cognitive and physical behaviors, often with confusion, anger and combativeness; which goes away after sleeping or when the daylight hours return. Knowing this is good, but it doesn't resolve the problem, but it feels good to know he is not losing his mind, or developing some sort of cognitive status.

Thursday it was decided that Dad should go home. He has been standing and walking short steps, but his cognitive skills have not improved. The discussions have centered on the facts that when elderly are out of their regular routine and environment their skills and abilities can decline, the decision was made to return home and bank on the idea this will help clear his cognitive confusion. 

So Friday he returned home after a hospital bed was delivered and setup, along with a bedside commode and wheelchair (remember he already has a walker). He slept the day away one he returned home, and had a small dinner Friday evening. I'm concerned that he will get pushy with my mother and brother, be demanding once he senses he can get away with more at home. I talked with my mother Saturday afternoon and she said that Dad had been asleep a good bit of the day but he woke up several times and she feels his mind is already starting to clear, and return to normal. I found this almost to hard to accept but told her I'd give it some time and hold onto confidence it will work.

I spoke with her a few minutes ago, and she put Dad on the phone toward the end of our conversation. Guess what?  I believe I could tell a difference, but not that much of one; hopefully it will happen and he will return to his 'bright, cheerful self' (ROTFL!!!!), well at least his normal self.  I will check on him Sunday and post something later in the day.

Now the cognitive improvement does not solve his cancer issues, but at least he's home for the July 4th Independence Day holiday!!!!