Monday, September 19, 2011


Well, I have been comfortable in life, Dad's health has continued to improve after leaving the rehab. Home Care has been coming out to visit him, 2 people, 3 times a week. His coordination has improved and he has returned to moving around the house, getting to the bathroom and kitchen while using his walker and doing self-care tasks like brushing his teeth and shaving. Getting into the shower has proved to be a challenge. Of course a tub-bath is out of the question.

The doctor has been pleased with Dad's improvement. Two months ago the doctor scanned Dad and found the cancer had indeed shrunk and maintained the reduced size. So the doc ceased the chemo, opting instead to allow his strength to return without the drain of life which chemo presents. Dad has been able to return to the front porch and sit in the sun, a great benefit. Neighbors have come by and sat with him, talking about whatever came to mind. All of this activity has proved to be a boost to his mental energy and attitude, in-spite of the pain which continues to plague his body.

One of the rehab personnel who visits each week is Don, a nice guy who proved to be not only interested in his assignment, but sits and talks with Dad too. Don has worked hard, ignoring Dad's attempts to get out of doing his rehab exercises, and actually got him out to the front yard where Dad has hit many golf balls. Not exactly Dad's goal, which was to return to the golf course, but close. Whacking golf balls, while Don holds him from behind with a belt for balance, has proved to be a good thing. But Dad continues to restate his goal of going to a golf course to play at least 18-holes.   In truth his energy and balance will not allow the return but its nice to know he has the chance to swing a club and hit the balls.

All of this 'return to normal life' was due to the cancer being shrunk by the chemo, but guess what?  Yea, the demon is back, the cancer has raised its ugly head. A scan was completed 2 weeks ago and the doctor reported to Mom and Dad that the cancer has returned to its original size before chemo was started. This past Thursday Dad restarted his treatment regiment which will be 3 Thursdays of treatment and one Thursday off; one large monthly treatment dose, like many people receive will be overwhelming for him. Remember the last chemo regiment was to much for his immune system and he developed the infection of his skin, lost his strength and was admitted to the rehab center.

Pray for us, it has returned.