Saturday, June 18, 2011

First 'True' Therapy Attempt

Good morning!! Breakfast for Dad started out OK, and guess what?  It ended OK too!!! He ate a biscuit, yogurt, a pancake, milk and juice; he tried eat it alone but we helped when his aim was off (he missed his mouth by centimeters). But I believe his trying is a good sign, a sign that he wants to do it and  will continue to try. A couple clinical people just came by, got him out of bed, helped him dress in some house pants (sort of like pajamas), them took him away for therapy (hopefully standing). They told me and Mother that it will be 30 minutes and then he will come back for lunch. I will post an update later today after we see how things go.  

6/17 8.45am


Carol Dois Woodward said...

Oh, Andy, I hope he continues to progress well. Sounds like he has an appetite Carol Woodward @CarolDWoodward

Andy Bryant said...

Thank you Carol for visiting and reading my words. You are right, he does have an appetite but needs encouragement to complete the meal. He so often wants to eat just a few bites and has lost a couple pounds the past week. Thanks again for visiting me and offering your words of encouragement.