Sunday, June 12, 2011

Headed-Home 6/12/11

My dad stayed in the hospital until May 27th; things improved health-wise in relation to the cellulites and he was discharged. But over the past couple weeks his strength and coordination have not improved; he does not sit-up in the bed, can’t lift his legs very well, and from what I understand part of the issue is that he seems to have a cloudy cognitive status. He is not cooperating with the family when they try to help him and when they have their back turned or doing something in the next room he tries to get out of bed without assistance though it’s been explained many times that he can be hurt.  He will be admitted to a rehab center in the next day or so.

So, I’m headed out now and will travel to see him. It is a long drive, about 12 hours which means I will probably arrive sometime in the early morning; I definitely will be drinking some coffee during my travel. I just packed-up and loaded the car, fueled-up and had lunch. If anything happens while driving I will post from my mobile.

Once I arrive in the morning my plan is to evaluate the situation and post before I fall asleep.

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