Friday, June 24, 2011


Thursday started off like the others, breakfast went well and the first rehab exercises went well too. But as the day wore on Dad started to have a lot of pain, the kind that is bone deep and unavoidable. He seemed to become anxious and continued to complain of pain. Maybe the exercises are taking a toll. His medications were reviewed and more pain medication was administered. This additional medication seemed to have had a negative impact on his behavior and recovery progress.

The second rehab visit for the day did not go as well as been the case. Later when Dad was taken to the community room he did not cooperate and tried to leave the area. This was not allowed by the 'clinicals' and was returned to his room. In a short period of time he was back in the bed, moaning about the pain and complaining that no one was listening to him.

Everyone came to the conclusion it was the pain medication causing the behavior problems. The evening continued with the same issues and my brother came to the rehab site. When Mother and I left for the evening Dad was sleeping and expected to continue through the night.

More to come in the morning.


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