Monday, June 20, 2011


Well, breakfast was completed this morning with little problem. It seems Dad has come to the conclusion that breakfast food is good.  He ate everything but we still had to help him, guiding the fork and spoon to his mouth. I could feel it in his hand though, confidence seems to be building, he did not seem to be as timid in trying to eat as he was a few days ago.  Afterwards a couple 'clinicals' came in, cleaned him up, helped change his clothes and off to rehab he went. He did not seem to care that he was going but still commented that he was sore and he made sure his meds were taken before he rolled down the hallway.

Thirty minutes later he was back and some of the team helped with his bathroom duties and then lunch arrived. As you can tell, not much happens between breakfast and lunch, at least not in my notes. But during this time meds are brought in, reviews on how he feels take place, and bathroom duties are completed. Since he can not get himself from one place to the other he still depends on a catheter, and bed pans are still being used.

After lunch he tried to lay down but soon afterwards a pair of the staff came by and rolled him away to rehab. The look on his face was not of pleasure and he commented again that he would like to go to bed and sleep. That did not happen and he later returned, but was not brought in the room, but rather rolled down to the community room and was left with me and mother, along with an uncle and his wife. Dad didn't want to stay there and slid down in his seat. The rubber mat was placed under him and he 'sat still.' After an hour or so they took him back down the hall and he sat in his room. But he slid down in the chair and actually made it to the floor this time. When the staff came in and asked what happened Mother told them he managed it himself and would not listen to her. They pulled him up in the wheelchair and told him, "Since you won't behave we'll move you out in the hallway so we can keep an eye on you." The look on his face was like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but he did not complain. After a short time he was brought back to his room and moved back into the  bed.  The staff mentioned that his behavior is not something to be overly concerned about that this is not uncommon, or things like it with people newly admitted. They also commented that the drugs can sometimes add to this type of behavior, at least for a day or two. Improvement is on the way!!!

He slept a while after returning to his room and then ate dinner with no event, but he still had to be coaxed to eat all the food. My brother and family came out earlier today; Mother and I left earlier than we have to this point (got home 8pm). The adventure and opportunities continue tomorrow.


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