Thursday, February 10, 2011

Monumental Day - 02/10/11

Well, another monumental day is arriving for Dad. Before the end of 2010 the doctor did a scan of some sort and determined that the cancer had been reduced. I made note of that in another blog post, along with the fact that my parents didn’t want to know how much it had been reduced. Well, he has reached another measuring point. 

A few days ago a CAT scan was done, a full body scan was done, so that the size can be reviewed again and several of us are thinking the doctor is reviewing dad’s body to see if it has spread. This has Mom worried and of course Dad too. He is always a little anxious, has been for years, and she is just worried. I’ve always wondered how families can take it while they wait for an appointment with a doctor to test for cancer, or while waiting for test results to come back.

Tomorrow he gets the results from the scan. 

I know a man that reads the tests and gives the news as to whether a person has developed cancer. He has shared many times the weight he feels on his shoulders when he reads the scans. I’ve seen him cry just talking about it and trying to explain.

I talked to my parents tonight, just a ‘checking-in’ phone call; anxiety is evident and worries are cramming into their minds.

Mother and I talked for a few minutes and then she put dad on the line. We talked about the weather, with all the snow this winter how, how can we not. It was only a few weeks ago that he was snowed in and unable t o make a treatment and some tests. Then we discussed the tests. It is worried and I can understand.

Shortly after talking to dad he went to bed and mother was left up by herself, I am guessing to worry, pray, worry a little more. I tried my logical thoughts, which I did not expect would help but she expects me to do my Mr. Spock. You know, “Why are you worrying tonight? It will not change anything.”  But this time I just did it half-heartedly, because now I know that there is a reason to worry, or at least be concerned.

So, we are waiting for tomorrow and what God holds for us. I will report back once we hear and I can post.

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