Saturday, February 12, 2011


A small boy was standing in the street as a rumble could be heard somewhere in the city. Looking around from store front to the next he obviously could not determine the source of the sound. Looking down at the ground he saw dirt shifting around his feet and small gravel dancing on top of the soil. His bare feet could feel the rumble growing stronger. He reached down with one hand and touched the ground. 

He screamed, "The earth is moving!" and ran down the street. Oddly he ran toward the sound, not away from it as several other children followed him. 

From around a street corner the children and I could hear a screeching sound. Like a gigantic horn or alarm, the sound continued to screech loudly. Another sound, a distinct rumbling sound joined in and then a new, different rumbling sound, like pounding.

"Boom, Boom, Boom", the sound continued along with the alarming "Screech". The group of children stood still. Only one brave boy looked around the corner. He motioned at the others to join him, but none would move.

Finally he bolted around the corner.

Moments later he ran back around the corner and toward the other children, but now he was laughing. Speaking a language that this author was unable to translate I watched as he smacked another boy on the back and shoved him around the corner. Moments later one of them called out to the others while the laughed. The rest of the group ran around the corner while the sounds grew louder and louder. The rhythmic "Booming" increased in speed. 

A few minutes later I understood what the excitement was about. A parade filled with drums, horns, clowns, clapping people, animals of all types, and elephants blasting their natural 'trumpets' rounded the corner. A celebration of some sort was taking place and the smile on everyone's face told me that it was a special type of celebration. Something had happened, something great, but I did not understand the language so I could only watch.

But as a group of jugglers which looked like a family passed I could not help but smile too. Some men came by patting me on the back and laughing, I joined in the laughter.

Children ran past me and then jutted directly in front of the elephants, laughing and pushing one another. The men driving the elephants laughed at the small children and clapped with the beat of the music as it continued to "Boom-Boom!" It was a merry time!

I was not even involved in the celebration; I did not even know what it was about. As the elephants passed by, along with the drums and horns, I noticed some people crying while they laughed. I asked an elderly gentleman what it was all about. He looked up at me and said something about it being sad, but joyous, miraculous and heavenly. Then he walked on down the street with the parade.

I sat on a bench while the last of the parade drifted away and I just smiled. I was happy for something miraculous that had happened but I did not know the people or exactly what had happened.  

A few minutes later while sitting on the bench a young lady sat down and said, "Hello." I thought to myself, 'I understood her' so I asked her what had happened. 

She looked at me and said, "It is a really special day. The old Bryant man had a test and the doctor told him the cancer had shrunk, that in less than 6 months something special had happened, that it was better."

I looked at her and said, "That is great!"

She went on to tell me that at first the Bryant man had considered not using chemo-therapy but after hearing that he would be dead in 6-8 months he had decided to go-through with the treatments. The result was this happy day!

This is how my heart felt when I spoke with my dad and mother last night and received the good news. It was like a parade of good news was passing by. We are excited but still cautious, the cancer is not gone but it is smaller and less deadly at this moment. 

We will continue to be prayerful and diligent.


BILOI said...

Prayers and grace from God are more powerful than any medicines. Just kee that faith in your heart. God bless us all!

Andy Bryant said...

Thank you Biloi, I am trying to keep the faith, as is my mother and others in the family.