Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My "demon" stranger visited today and caused me to think things that should not have entered my mind. After some contemplation the following exited through my fingers and into the keyboard.

I was thinking about you today,
And all that you’ve done
During your many years of life.

Somehow I found myself thinking
Of what you could have done.

My heart cracked a little when I started to think
How you missed being a leader in a big business
And you missed being a computer whiz too.

I thought of how you were never a writer or poet
And never sang in front of large crowds.

It was at that moment I realized I was just thinking about all I’ve done
       and continue to do them even now
But if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know how.

You taught me patience and level-headed thinking
You taught me how to respect Mother who together with
      You made me a Man
And you set the example of how I should respect all females
      Along with my fellow man.

You set the example of how to love people when they didn’t love back
And you taught me how to respect them even when I thought I was right.

You set the example of how to take pride in my country and its leaders too,
 Even when they can't get it right and don't know what to do.

You gave me examples of how to count numbers and to talk just right
And you taught me (through many tough lessons) when to stay quiet.

My heart is breaking now because I started by measuring you to me,
And in the end I realized that it was the reverse,

My measuring stick was you just being you.

Posted on 2/16/11


Tracy said...

That was really meaningful. Thank you for the glimpse of your father.

Sarah Glenn said...

No matter what happens, your father will obviously have a good legacy in you.

Elle said...

This hit home tonight. Thank you.

I Write said...

Andy, this is very powerful and beautifully written. I was deeply touched, tears even.... Thank you for having the courage to share so openly from your heart.

Nathalie said...

Great sharing in this post talking to your dad...kind of a goodbye, isn't it? Like it a lot!

Andy Bryant said...

Thank you Tracy for the kind words.

Andy Bryant said...

Your comment means so much Sarah to me, thank you.

Andy Bryant said...

Thank you Elle for reading my effort and sharing your thoughts with me.

Andy Bryant said...

Thank you "I Write" for sharing your thoughts and the emotional tie my words had with you. It touches me that you felt my words; thank you again.

Andy Bryant said...

Thank you Nathalie; maybe it was a kind of good-bye, or my trying to come to grips with the situation and that he is much more than he even knows. I do appreciate your taking the time to share with me, it means a lot.