Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 27, 2010 - "Into Words"

I told myself my writing had to relax for a moment, that being intense for so many days is not healthy. So I skipped writing anything yesterday (not that I wasn't feeling intense), but when I woke up this morning I had an email from my Mother. It was in regard to my blog post "My Last Nerve" and when I read her email everything became INTENSE again. I have received some feedback emails and many tweets asking how my Dad and Mother are doing, so this email arrived at just the right time.  

My Dad had his first chemotherapy treatment last Thursday (that's not something you ever expect to write, or say). It went as the doctor expected; no pain, no problem. He mentioned that Dad might lose his appetite for a couple days (didn't happen), and he mention that Dad would probably not get really sick at his stomach, or feel flush (he did not get sick). Dad commented yesterday that he felt a little warm, but that subsided. He has another chemo treatment tomorrow; Mother said she would mention it to the doctor.

My Mother is handling this about as well she can for this type of situation. She is doing what a good spouse would do (wife or husband). She accompanies Dad to every doctor's appointment, and now treatments. Helps him organize his meds and ensure every pill is taken while helping with other things like meals and clothes. By the end of the day she is exhausted and It makes me feel tired to just think about it (and that's not counting the mental drain on her psyche).  
With all that said, I will share her email with you (note the time it was received). She has a vision problem but still puts in the effort and time to watch college football, read email, scan the web for different information and read blog posts. She may have reached her senior years but she's still got it.   

To: Bryant, Andy 

Sent: Tue Oct 26 00:26:52 2010
Subject: My Last Nerve
Your words echo my feelings and thoughts tonight.  I thank you for putting them into words. I just ask God to spare Daddy if it is his plan.  I ask Him to help him.  Daddy still looks for hope,  and I do too.   You and I both know God is always near.  I love you.  m.   

Enough said  

Andy is not "A-OK".


Draven Ames said...


That is sad. I hope that your Dad does better. Cancer can be so hard to make it through and still remain hopeful. They have gotten a lot better with the treatments, so he will probably pull through. I hope you find the courage to brave through your day.

And right now... It is okay to rest. You need it.

Draven Ames

Andy Bryant said...

Thank you Draven! You are right; improvements have been made over the years in regard to treatment and outcome. In the appointment I was able to attend the doctor said, "I will shrink the cancer." He did not say, "We'll try", or "Chances are good", he sounded positive. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement and thought; I appreciate your time and comments.