Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 13, 2010 - Hate and Other Hate Words

For the first time since Saturday evening I really slept last night. My eyes ache while typing this, sort of blurry even. I have to go to work in a little while so I’m hoping my vision gets better. I’m sure some coffee will open them wide!   ;-)

Over the past couple days I wondered if anything could be more despised or hated than cancer. I learned yesterday evening that things can be hated as much, maybe even more (but probably not for as long a period of time).  What do you think could measure up to that level; war, crime, civil unrest?

Traffic!!!  While driving home yesterday there was an 18-wheeler that crashed, spilled fuel and the interstate turned into a crawl (HAZMAT was even called out for this accident). Traffic became a new demon, something I wish could have been avoided. I tried some low-level, backstreet maneuvers but all this did was leave me with two demons - traffic and my thoughts on cancer.

Times like that are when words roll around in my mind and I often pull stories, poems, and things like religious devotions together (or at least an outline or portions of a writing).

I know, I know; while you’re driving? But hey, alone time is alone time.

It’s alone time which offers me the chance to explore words like hate, contempt, despise, detest, repudiate, and scorn.

Other words came to mind during the drive home including kill, eradicate, nullify, liquidate, erase, suppress, extinguish, and expunge.

I also considered the word Remove, but it does not seem to carry the same weight and feel of the words despicable and hate which I am experiencing this week.

A couple other words I considered but do not fit my situation are mutilate, annihilate, nuclear explosion, assault, beat, and my all-time favorite attack word - lambaste. 
This is how I entertained myself during bumper-to-bumper traffic yesterday and the noted words, along with the accompaniment emotions were my companions. Stay tuned, some of these words are rising to the surface and will become verbal hate projectiles that I will hurl toward cancer during my next post.

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